A solid business relationship based on professionalism, ethical values and an exemplary attitude is the foundation of our service excellence. Our commitment contributes to the positioning of our distributors, clients and represented companies as outstanding references in the Latin American market, consolidating as the best alternative for any company in these sectors.


En Lamar USA we are the master distributor for Latin America for several manufacturers of industrial instrumentation and equipment. Our product portfolio comprehensively covers the needs of various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Power Generation, Food, Water Treatment, etc.


We are a team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial instrumentation, always ready to provide our customers and distributors the best technical support in various applications for our products.


We work with brands that understand the importance of quality at every step, from the selection of materials to the manufacturing and distribution process; our brands strive to exceed expectations and meet the highest quality standards. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every product we offer. We strive to ensure that every item that leaves our facilities meets the highest standards and reliability.


It is one of the most important manufacturers of products and accessories for fluid control. With a solid infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and certified capabilities to design, manufacture and tube instrumentation, valves, manifolds and accessories.


It has been recognized as a key supplier of instrumentation to various industries. KENCO enjoys worldwide recognition and leadership with its line of liquid level gauges, chemical injection accessories, fluid indicators, and compressor and controller accessories.


It is one of the most experienced and reliable companies in the design, manufacture, automation and customization of valves. It provides complete solutions in valves, designs and special modifications to a wide range of industries and leading companies in their sectors.


 All valve components are tested to international standards. The manufacturing process is designed to ensure high quality, high cycle and material flexibility to meet customer requirements.


They are distributors of high quality valves and actuators thanks to their strong partnerships with leading manufacturers. This close collaboration allows them to offer the best selection of products for distribution, ensuring excellence in every aspect of their product lines.


They specialize in pressure relief, emergency relief and emergency shutoff valves. They have expanded and grown with the primary goal of solving customer needs. They are committed to leading the industry with continuous research and product development.


Bourdon is a leading global brand of mechanical process instrumentation, Bourdon offers a wide selection of products to meet your product portfolio goals, in gauges, thermometers and accessories available.


With exceptional quality, absolute accuracy, and the industry's widest selection of pressure and temperature instruments, it does it all. From plumbing and HVAC to water treatment and transportation, they have the products you need.


It offers an industry-leading range of flow measurement solutions including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, thermal, mass, vortex, turbine and positive displacement technologies. SMC has the capability to offer several different flow measurement technologies.


It manufactures metering pumps and metering controls that increase productivity, homogenize fertilizer application and optimize water, energy and fertilizer use. 


They strive to be the industry's highest quality manufacturer of fluid handling products in multiple markets. In addition to quality, their focus on innovation results in leading products with advanced features, innovative design and high performance.


 Additel has successfully developed automated pressure calibrators, digital pressure gauges, digital pressure calibrators, pressure test and calibration pumps and multifunction process calibrators of the highest quality for the process and calibration industries. for the process and calibration industries.   más alta calidad para las industrias de procesos y calibración.

Our offices

Main Office

Phone: (305) 597 5704

Whatsapp: (786) 757 0535


Location: 3105 NW 107th Avenue, Suite 400

Doral, FL 33172

Colombia Office

Phone: (601) 896 6207

Whatsapp: (+57) 300 547 8595


Location: Terminal terrestre de Carga Km 3

Via Bogota-Siberia Bodega 42, Modulo 7

Cota – Cundinamarca

Ecuador Office

Phone: (593) 997 759 336


Location: Calle La Pradera N30-26 y San Salvador 

Edificio Corporativo OMEGA, Oficina 309

Quito- Ecuador

Perú Office

Mail: ventasperu@lamarusa.comc

Location: Lima Perú, calle Grimaldo del solar 162 Of. 407, Miraflores

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