We are aware of the impact that a professional and committed team has, which is why we grow, learn, and enjoy our work. We are enthusiastic and feel the joy of being part of the solutions for companies because we trust in the brands we represent.

We uphold our values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, and COMMUNICATION, they are part of decision-making and our daily lives

We stand out as a team proud of the culture and ethics in which we conduct our operations

We are passionate and willing to meet the needs of our customers. With our talent and skills, we find guidance for the right solution in our brands and other logistics partners, allowing us to ensure negotiations with integrity and customer satisfaction. This enables us to quickly and effectively resolve customer inquiries to foster loyalty and maintain the best business relationships.

At LAMAR, every collaborator finds an opportunity to grow professionally and personally, positively impacting their life and surroundings. We rely on communication, technology, and positive energy to stay integrated, achieving commitment, competence, and stability.

We are allies of our suppliers, and we are recognized as the Master Distributor that consistently offers the products, warranty, and quality of their brands to establish a presence in America.

We strive to always be the first choice in seeking solutions for your needs. We offer dynamic, ingenious, and consistent customer service

The advancement of technology serves to make our operation every day our way of exceeding customer expectations.

We are grateful to have this great opportunity to transcend through this management in which we focus on generating well-being and tranquility; it is the flag of this organization.

Our Distributors

offers a complete line of magnetic flow meters to address any flow measurement application where an electromagnetic flowmeter may be the preferred technology. For general purpose applications, the value-priced ALMAG-WP is the meter of choice.

A master distributor that supports its network of distributors

You can have the support of ten (10) companies with recognition and well-established brands in the market. We assist you in achieving your goals. We provide assistance in adapting the offer to established requirements and facilitating the best experience for customers, offering industrial equipment, instrumentation, and a wide catalog of solutions that only a master distributor can offer. We work in collaboration with manufacturers, each with proven experience and backing, which complements a great product offering. Be our distributor and increase your benefits!

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